09. 05. 2023.


Does anyone remember the Touchnote craze? Anyone doing postcrossing (back in...2012 was it?) must do, as Touchnote page did a promotion that lasted for weeks, enabling us to send each other any image on a postcard for free...of course they are not regarded (by many) as 'true' postcards, but it was fun :)

As I am trying to sort out my collections these days (with emphasis on 'trying') I am going through all of my shoe boxes, often not knowing what's in them lol. So, for example, I totally forgot that I have received a postcard from Eswahili/Swaziland some years ago, so it is still on my list of missing countries 😅. Some postcrossers I remember fondly from the 'busy' postcrossing era about a decade ago...I have joined the forum again, have seen some familiar 'faces' but missing some others...There seems to be a lesser variety of countries too, and some RRs that I used to participate in are now gone. Still, excited to send and receive again :) And here are some Touchnote examples: my favourite band (though I'm definitely breaking some law by using this image, gulp!), a donkey photographed during my trip in Jordan, and of course my kitties 💓

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