06. 11. 2022.

Hamburg Map


Hamburg was my starting point - I wanted to see the city for a few days before moving further north. And it is an amazing city! I could totally see myself living there - if only it wasn't so far away from home...it wouldn't have mattered years ago, but now as my parents are rather old I prefer staying somewhere closer, at least that is the plan...

My favourite thing about Hamburg must be the great coffee culture; as a major European harbour it is the entry point for coffee beans from around the world, and specialist roasters and shops are ample throughout the city. Also the UNESCO Speicherstadt is a splendid site, with its powerful red-brick architecture and numerous canals and bridges - it is the world's largest complex of warehouses (I thought I have posted about it some years back upon receiving a Speicherstadt postcard, but no...it must be in one of the old folders still waiting, sniff). While checking my received cards I was surprised that I have sent only one Hamburg postcard 🤷

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