26. 05. 2021.

Bratislava Cats


My last trip before this 'new era' was a short bus adventure through central Europe, and in each city I visited I went to a Cat Cafe - Vienna, Bratislava, Warsaw, Krakow and Prague. The last time I visited Vienna and Prague was 12 years prior to, and the remaining three were my 1st time, yay :) The Mackafe in Bratislava was the real deal, and there is merchandise sold to support it, which surprisingly isn't that common for a cat cafe...I think its a great way to additionally support such places. I mean, like this cute postcard :)

I post this in relation to my day...as I got quite a scare today. I have two cats, sisters Pixie & Suri, who were found in a dumpster by my friend, together with other three siblings. They were teeny weeny things not yet able to open their eyes...but my friend is fierce and she helped them all grow strong and independent. That was almost 12 years ago...Suri is a placid cat but Pixie is a bit naughty...I didn't see her all day, which was very unusual for her, and as the night was falling and she wasn't showing up to get fed I got really worried, walked around the block calling her. As I came back home there she was, and my mum told me she was in a box in the storage room and she couldn't get out. But she didn't make a sound the whole day as we were calling her. Cats are weird! lol I was just so relieved, and she was extra cuddly. Right after she had some food of course! Ah, all's well that ends well. A huge stone fell off my heart, as we would say. And here is a kittie from Mackafe:

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