09. 03. 2019.

Historic Route 66

Its been more than four months, wow. I am even boring myself with this statement, but time does fly. I've been catching up with a friend recently and we've made a loose plan to travel across the US, riding in an oldsmobile, stopping for some line dancing. Its been almost three years that I've passed the driving test, alas I haven't had the opportunity to actually drive a car - my dad has been too protective of his, despite all the promises that I'd have the full access once I pass the exam. Oh well. I think this is finally the year I'll be buying my own car (something old and retro to start with), after all there's no other reason to go and work on the island again but to better my finances; and oh boy do I have plans, a whole bunch of them...oops since my previous plans to move on from this place have all sunken, I better be careful and not say too much here..! I just need positive vibes to help me be diligent and patient...

2 komentara:

  1. I know it is cliché but I always kinda believe that there is a reason why certain things work or dont work out in a certain way. Something I usually cannot see at the moment of things happening, but after a while from a future perspective, it kinda makes sense... so stay positive!

    Old and retro? A Volskwagen Beetle? Painted in some hippie style?! ;) ��