17. 10. 2018.

UNESCO - Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica, Poland

These are the largest timber-framed churches in Europe, built in the mid 17th century following the Peace of Westfalia treaties. They bear testimony to the quest for religious freedom and are a rare expression of Lutheran ideology in an idiom generally associated with the Catholic Church.
The imperial consent to build the churches was hard to come by, and eventually imposed strict conditions: they were to be built outside any town boundaries in strictly defined areas, only with wood and clay, could not feature a tower, and should be finished within a year. Still, they endured the test of time to this day - considered the masterpieces of skilled handicraft, they remain without peer in their technological complexity and size.
No wonder these churches are a WHS! Thank you Sebastian and Sabina for your additions to my UNESCO collection :)

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