08. 06. 2018.

Sand Lizard, UK Stamp Card

Royal Mail issues some fantastic sets of stamps and often these are printed on cards too - as the value of the stamp itself is rather high, I will probably never have it used on the back, but this postcard is a wonderful addition to my lizard collection :)

As I have returned to postcrossing recently, this also meant joining different tags and RRs on the Postcrossing forum site. There are three (if not more) favourites tags, which means you get to tag the last person in the thread if you have a postcard from their album of favourites. Alas not much has changed since I last tried to participate - most people don't favour view- or tourist cards, which means its tough for someone from a country like mine where such cards are prevalent...In the last couple of months of stalking I managed to tag - twice. In return I was tagged by Rachel, who not only sent me this card but adorned it with such a great selection of stamps - many MANY thanks!

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