07. 10. 2015.

Momi Café, China

You look at the postcard, see its a café, they sell books and postcards, and there is even a cat outside... perfect? Actually I was looking at someone else's swap album today, and noticed they have Momi cafe postcards. I remembered this postcard and looked it up - there is a wikipedia entry about it! And quite frankly, it sounds awesome.

Momi Café (Chinese: 猫的天空之城) is a coffee house located in Pingjiang Road in Suzhou, China. It has many branches, including stores in Wuxi, Shanghai, Xitang and many other cities. The cafe sells books only covering three categories: travel, art and literature; also magazines and postcards.
There is a wall named "Mail to Future". There are 365 small cells on this wall, and each cell stands for one day in a year. Everyone can choose a postcard, write down the receiver’s name, the address, the zip code, and then put it into any cell and the postcard will be sent off on that day. What’s more, all the postcards are designed by the shopkeepers.

So...what did I tell you? Thank you DongXiao, stamps are amazing too!

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