23. 12. 2014.

Namtso Lake, China

Another stunning view from China - Namtso or Lake Nam is a mountain lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, approximately 112 kilometres NNW of Lhasa. It  lies at an elevation of 4,718 m and has a surface area of 1,920 square km (but is still far from being the highest lake).
There are five uninhabited islands of reasonable size - they have been used for spiritual retreat by pilgrims who walk over the lake's frozen surface at the end of winter, carrying their food with them. They spend the summer there, unable to return to shore again until the water freezes the following winter. This practice is no longer permitted by Chinese authorities.
Many thanks to Shu, I got this via a tag on the forum, and now i'm thinking its been ages since i participated in tags...well 'ages' can be a relative term; for someone sending postcards every week, months is a long time..!

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