02. 03. 2014.

Jack Daniel's Rye

A surprise whiskey card - thanks Bryon! Havent tried JD's Rye yet, but  after discovering their Honey Bourbon...my world hasnt been the same :)
I have always wanted to include these in Sunday Stamps, and with today's open theme the time has come...three from the USPS set of 5 Arctic Animals stamps issued in 1999, showing grey wolf, arctic hare and arctic fox (other two being snowy owl and polar bear). Can animals be more beautiful than this? Its very sad to think their natural habitat is shrinking fast...
Other free choices of stamps here!

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  1. You are right. Beautiful animals.
    Interesting fact.
    I just this week picked up the First Day Cover of the Benjamin West stamp. That Hat caught my eye.
    Info on West. A major influence on American Artist and founder of Royal Academy, Established technique of painting his subjects in everyday clothes of their period. Historical Painter 1738 - 1820
    posted Swarthmore, PA Feb. 10, 1975. My goodness it is already almost 40 yrs. old.

  2. Yes, I enjoy the honey Jack Daniels too :)
    A lovely selection of stamps.

  3. Arctic fauna are both beautiful and fascinating for their adaptation.

  4. These arctic animals look so cuddly, though in know they're not!

  5. Here I am a week late - so sorry! Love the arctic animals. I seem to have missed that issue.