16. 02. 2014.

The Ancient Watertown Xitang, China


This is, without hesitation, one of the most beautiful views cards I have ever received - one of the oldest towns in China, Xitang is situated in the Zhejiang Province in eastern China, a watertown crisscrossed by nine (!) rivers, stretched across eight sections that are linked by old-fashioned stone bridges. When I visit China this will surely be on my itinerary...Many thanks to Cynthia, also for the great selection of stamps! I love it when I see the back of the card covered with stamps :))
As today's theme for Sunday Stamps is Stamps From China Or Taiwan, this seemed like a perfect choice...Some have no year printed on it, but the middle and the top-right one do:

The left one is (poeticly) titled Footprints In The Snow, is from a set issued in 2007 showing Shiwan ceramics. The right one from 2010 from the series Chinese Idiom, and now I see I have posted here about a different stamp from this series before..! I just can't figure out how I managed to find the story behind it :/
More beautiful stamps here:


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  1. It's really beautiful. The stamps of course, but also the postcard. Lucky you! :)

  2. Beautiful postcard and beautiful stamps! And thank you for telling something more about the stamps, I found it hard to find information about the stamps from China I received so far.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. The stamp with the man in white looks very interesting. the town pictured on the postcard looks lovely too.
    thank you for participating.

  4. The postcard is truly stunning! I haven't ever had one from this particular town though I've had some from similar places. The stamps are beautiful too but for me the card outshines them :)

  5. I learn more about China every time we have Chinese stamps. Nine rivers - that's a lot. The man in white is my favourite.

  6. The postcard is dreamlike, I think it is the stillness and colour. What a great selection of stamps your sender has attached. I wonder if the gold surround one is a new year greeting.