30. 03. 2013.

UNESCO - Maiden Tower in Baku, Azerbaijan

Some months ago I have received my 1st w&s postcard from Azerbaijan, and oh what a joy it is also an Unesco card! The full name of the site is Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah's Palace and Maiden Tower. The Maiden Tower is also known locally as Giz Galasi and is located in the Baku's Old City; it is an ancient tower built in the 12th century and the city's most distinguished landmark. 
The legendary tale of the king willing to force his daughter to marry a man she doesn't love, which she escapes by asking her father to first build a tower for her, and when it is finished committing suicide by jumping from the top of it has been the subject of many Azerbaijani poems and plays.
Thank you very much Dilara :)

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