07. 02. 2013.

UNESCO - Historic Centre Of Prague, Czech Republic

The classic view of the castle Pražský hrad, which carries the title of the biggest castle in the world (570m long and 130m wide). Its first walled building was Church Of The Virgin Mary (9th cent.) and the famous Basilica Of St. Vitus came to be in the 10th century. You can also see a part of the gorgeous Charles Bridge from the 14th cent. which must be the most beautiful bridge I have ever walked across :) This was a surprise card from my friend Misha; I love the Zatopek stamp!

The Old Town Square in Prague...I dream of going back there. As time flies its been more than six years already since my trip to the Czech Republic. I really enjoyed waking the streets of the old town, crossing the Charles Bridge (10 times a day heh), window-shopping for all that crystal...I went in february when it wasnt too touristy, but i wouldnt mind experiencing it in warmer days!
Private swap with sydus who also went there for a holiday, thank you. I especially like the Art Deco stamp :)

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