04. 07. 2012.

Kentucky Bourbon Cellar

Ahh I am in love with this scene...as weird as it may sound, if you gave me one choice of a travelling destination in the US, I would choose Kentucky :)
95% of the world's bourbon is distilled and aged in Kentucky - though ironically the world's top-seller is Jack Daniels; but because JD insists on just being a sour mash Tennessee whiskey perhaps it is not counted in this statistics. Any other whiskey made by the same standards only outside the US is not allowed the bourbon name. Because its such a fiiiine product I will shut my eyes to this display of megalomania heh.

A new-found American friend is living just a few miles from the Kentucky border, and he told me yday he witnessed an opening of 40-y-o I.W.Harper, which is supposed to be one of the finest. I was and still am so envious! And he thought it tasted like **** hahhh :)
Thank you Craig for finding this awesome card..!

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